The Huntley Chamber of Commerce hosted the second in a series of manufacturing spotlight events. Thermoform Engineered Quality hosted Chamber members for a tour and presentation of its Huntley facilities.

TEQ demonstrated to more than 35 guests how it brings its mission of being a leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of innovative health care, electronic and consumer packaging to its clients.

Guests were able to see first-hand the commitment to quality and innovation TEQ provides.

TEQ President Randy Loga led the guests on tours and shared the history of TEQ, its national and international presence, its product differentiation and its ability to engage in the world economy with its recent expansion to Poland.

Sales director Todd McDonald shared a presentation that quantified the commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction that highlighted TEQ’s ongoing successes.

“I am proud of the quality of our products and service we provide to our customers,” said Loga, who started with the company as a design engineer more than 20 years ago. “That’s what makes us different. We are able to be the experts for our clients and ensure they are getting the right packaging that meets their expectations.”

The Huntley Chamber’s spotlight series was started in 2017 to highlight the great manufacturing and technology businesses in Huntley to create awareness about the community’s partners in the local market.

For information, visit the Chamber’s website or call 847-669-0166.